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Many Dutch people are good linguists. Even drawing up a tender in English is no problem. But do you want to ensure that you have adopted the right tone of voice for your English-speaking business relations? Or eliminate any grammatical errors? BTS can revise your text with respect to spelling, grammar and/or style.

Quality control

Our EN and ISO-certified way of working means that an experienced translator with expert knowledge of the subject matter to which the texts relate is selected for each translation. Our translators only translate into their respective native languages. For the purpose of quality control, the translation is subsequently checked by a native speaker of the source language who has thorough knowledge of the target language. The source and target texts are compared to make sure that the style and tone match. Spelling, punctuation, consistency and grammar are also checked during the revision process. We can also check your documents, including those that are translations, to make sure that the texts are of the highest quality.

All languages

If you want to be certain that your original or translated texts are flawless in terms of spelling, style and grammar, please do not hesitate to have them checked by BTS. We supply a revision service in all languages. Whether it is Dutch, English or German, we can revise your texts. With our worldwide network of translators and revisers, no language is a mystery to us. So you can also contact us for your Arabic and Chinese revisions.


Are you interested in a quotation or would you like to arrange a meeting, without obligation? Call: +31 (0)10 – 436 77 11 or fill in the quotation form. We look forward to working with you!

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Why BTS Rotterdam?

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

Our translators are certified native speakers. They know the ins and outs of your industry and are up to date on specialist terminology.

If you send us a text for translation, we will always provide your translation in the same file format – unless you prefer a different format, of course.

We will assign you a fixed contact, who can discuss your specific wishes and preferences with you.

If you team up with us, we will take all your translation requirements off your hands. Feel free to send us anything you need translated – we’ll take care of the rest!

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