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About us

Business Translation Services B.V. Business Translation Services B.V. (BTS) in Rotterdam is a B2B translation company with over 30 years’ experience in the business market. We specialise in the translation of business communications, whether it is a press release, HR regulations or contract, in any language combination. In addition, we provide interpreter services, writing services and a broad range of complementary language and text-related services.

Our team of project managers handles all your assignments rapidly and professionally. Because of our extensive network of over 3,000 translators, we can handle any language combination and type of text.

BTS only provides customised services. Whether you have an urgent assignment that needs to be completed as soon as possible, a long-term project that involves large amounts of text or special marketing texts that require a special approach, we will make you an attractive offer that is tailored to your requirements.

Our clients include banks, insurers, law firms, companies in the shipping and construction industries and many other nationally and internationally operating companies.

We’ll mind your language

Our corporate aim is to serve all your needs in the field of international communication in all its forms. We can therefore translate and check your texts and provide interpreter and copywriting services. With our ISO and EN certified system, you can be sure that your texts are in good hands. We approach your project with the greatest efficiency, focusing on your wishes and requirements. Quality and reliability are the basis for every project.


Since its foundation in 1985, BTS has acquired extensive knowledge and experience within the business market. From our network in the Rotterdam business centre and dock area, we have become a reliable translation partner for the Dutch and international industry. Many of our clients have been working with us for years. BTS is valued for the quality of its translations and services and for its commitment to fulfil its promises.


BTS’ certified quality is reflected in all aspects of our work. BTS delivers quality by always assigning a specialised translator to your text. By using sophisticated translation software and other translation technology, we ensure that translations always contain the correct terminology. The more texts we translate, the better the quality. It also means that we can provide shorter delivery times.


We aim to achieve optimal efficiency with respect to your translation projects. BTS services are based on three pillars: convenience, speed and reliability. Our mission is to take work off your hands and to guarantee the swift and appropriate management of your translation projects: our core business. So that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Business translation market

BTS specialises in business translations. Since 1985, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience within the business translation market. We translate every kind of text, from very specialist texts like technical manuals, annual financial reports and ship registrations to general and commercial texts like website texts and brochures. BTS has the translator with the knowledge that you require for every kind of text. We are particularly valued for our flexibility and fast service, whereby quality is naturally our priority.


We will be happy to discuss how we could be of service to you. Call +31 (0)10-436 77 11 or mail us at to arrange a meeting.

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Why BTS Rotterdam?

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

Our translators are certified native speakers. They know the ins and outs of your industry and are up to date on specialist terminology.

If you send us a text for translation, we will always provide your translation in the same file format – unless you prefer a different format, of course.

We will assign you a fixed contact, who can discuss your specific wishes and preferences with you.

If you team up with us, we will take all your translation requirements off your hands. Feel free to send us anything you need translated – we’ll take care of the rest!

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