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Maritime case

BTS regularly translates documentation for shipping and offshore companies. With our long experience in and around the Port of Rotterdam, we are familiar with maritime terminology and we supply accurate translations which can immediately be put into use by the end user. We translate various documents, but speed and reliability are the main reason why clients in this sector choose BTS. BTS manages the whole translation process and also supplies sworn and legalised translations.

Sworn and legalised translations in a hurry

One of the main features of the maritime sector is its international character. For one of our clients, we regularly translate diplomas for Dutch employees who are posted abroad. Such documents must be sworn and legalised translations. Furthermore, speed is of the essence. We recently raced against the clock to complete the translation of several diplomas which were due to be flown that weekend to Africa where the employee concerned needed to start work on a project immediately. Without the official translated and legalised diplomas, he would not be allowed to work. At very short notice, BTS managed the entire translation and legalisation procedure and the documents were flown to Africa on time.

We know every language

For an international maritime company, we translated an internal document regarding their code of conduct. This company has employees from countries all over the world, so BTS translated the document into different languages, including English, German, Spanish and Chinese. This meant that all the employees could read the document in a language they understood well. Moreover, the document was posted in different languages on the intranet, where it was accessible to all employees.

Fast and flexible

Sometime later, our client decided to amend some parts of the original document. BTS could then ensure that all the translated documents were amended on the basis of the new source texts. All the client had to do was mark the changes and we delivered the amended translations in a very short space of time.


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