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Maritime translations

The Netherlands is a world leader in the maritime sector. With Rotterdam as its beating heart, our national maritime industry is second to none in shipbuilding, hydraulic engineering, offshore oil and gas extraction and the construction of offshore wind farms.

Communicating in several languages is of vital importance in this internationally oriented sector. Located in Rotterdam, BTS is the specialist par excellence in maritime translations and international communication for the maritime sector.

The translation agency for maritime translations

BTS has been producing business and technical translations for the maritime sector for nearly 30 years. We work with specialised translators who have professional experience in one or more technical or maritime fields in addition to their language training. They therefore know the terminology and specialised language of your sector. We engage engineers for the translation of technical documents such as safety designs, environmental impact reports and geotechnical investigations.

Large projects

BTS is regularly involved in very large projects like the construction of offshore wind farms. In this context, we translate technical texts such as investigation reports and user manuals, as well as marketing materials, legal documentation and financial reports. We were involved in the HelWin, BorWin, DolWin and Riffgat wind energy projects, for example.

Invitations to tender

Severe time pressure is often a factor in international tendering in the maritime sector. BTS has extensive experience in translating invitations to tender and can deliver excellent translations of RFIs, RFPs and the final proposals in a very short time. Furthermore, if you engage us at an early stage of a tendering process, we can ensure that all the relevant texts are almost immediately made available to the employees involved in their own respective languages.

Certified quality

BTS has both ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certifications. This means that our quality management system and maritime translations meet the strictest requirements.


Our account managers for the maritime sector will be happy to discuss possibilities of cooperation. Call +31 (0)10-436 77 11 or mail us at

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Why BTS Rotterdam?

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

Our translators are certified native speakers. They know the ins and outs of your industry and are up to date on specialist terminology.

If you send us a text for translation, we will always provide your translation in the same file format – unless you prefer a different format, of course.

We will assign you a fixed contact, who can discuss your specific wishes and preferences with you.

If you team up with us, we will take all your translation requirements off your hands. Feel free to send us anything you need translated – we’ll take care of the rest!

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