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Marketing communication

Translating marketing materials requires a special approach. A literal translation tends to kill the message. With years of experience in translating websites, brochures and sales presentations, BTS is the perfect partner for the translation of your marketing communication texts. For marketing translations, we engage translators who are very aware of just how important it is to convey the essence of your message.

Various delivery methods

We can supply the translation of your website or mailing in any required format: XML, HTML or direct to your own Content Management System.

Marketing communication

Translations of your brochure or leaflet can be supplied ready-to-print. This option saves the time and costs involved in coordinating with different parties such as the advertising agency, layout bureau and the printer. No need to keep sending different versions back and forth. You can manage the process yourself by working with one party which organises the entire process: the translation, the layout and the proofreading. If required, we can also arrange the printing for you.

Personal account manager

We attach great importance to good personal relationships with our clients. As a client, you therefore have a permanent contact person at BTS. This is the only way we can optimally respond to your specific wishes and requirements. When it comes to your marketing translations, we seek to see through your eyes to understand the message that you wish to convey and your target audience, and to ascertain whether adaptations are required for the specific country concerned. We determine the best approach in close consultation with you. A standard translation may be enough if your business contacts abroad adapt the text as they consider appropriate. Alternatively, BTS can translate the text as creatively as possible so that your translation immediately meets the commercial objectives.


Our account managers for marketing materials and communications will be happy to discuss the options for cooperation. Call +31 (0)10-436 77 11 or mail us at

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Why BTS Rotterdam?

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

Our translators are certified native speakers. They know the ins and outs of your industry and are up to date on specialist terminology.

If you send us a text for translation, we will always provide your translation in the same file format – unless you prefer a different format, of course.

We will assign you a fixed contact, who can discuss your specific wishes and preferences with you.

If you team up with us, we will take all your translation requirements off your hands. Feel free to send us anything you need translated – we’ll take care of the rest!

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