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Sworn translations & legalisation

For official documents which need to be submitted to foreign organisations, a sworn translation is often required. This means that a declaration with the stamp and signature of a sworn translator is attached at the end of the translation. A sworn translator is registered in the Sworn Interpreters and Translators Quality register and with one or more courts.

Legalisation with or without Apostille

Besides a sworn translation, legalisation may also be required. Here too, BTS can be of service. If the country involved is party to the Apostille Convention, an apostille on the sworn translation is sufficient. If not, further steps need to be taken. Approval must be obtained by the court, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant consulate or embassy. BTS can ensure that the legalised document is delivered to you or the receiving organisation as quickly as possible.

Urgent jobs

For urgent jobs, we have speedy access to a Dutch sworn translator, an English sworn translator and a German sworn translator. For these languages, we always have sworn translators on standby for urgent jobs. Please contact us to discuss the options.

HR documents

Do you assign personnel to positions abroad or are you working to attract foreign talent? BTS can translate all of the documentation that you may require in this regard and handle the entire legalisation process. We can handle the entire file and translate diplomas, identity documents, certificates of good conduct, medical certificates and CVs.


Please do not hesitate to request an offer subject to contract or contact us on +31 (0)10-4367711 if you require a sworn translation.

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Why BTS Rotterdam?

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

Our translators are certified native speakers. They know the ins and outs of your industry and are up to date on specialist terminology.

If you send us a text for translation, we will always provide your translation in the same file format – unless you prefer a different format, of course.

We will assign you a fixed contact, who can discuss your specific wishes and preferences with you.

If you team up with us, we will take all your translation requirements off your hands. Feel free to send us anything you need translated – we’ll take care of the rest!

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